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Our vision is a world where people can do outreaches, show grace, give hope and love wherever they travel or whatever adventure they do…and to inspire and motivate others to do the same…with the #Ventures4Jesus campaign.  

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of people with and without disabilities by doing outreaches for Jesus while traveling and having adventures all over the world.

About Us
Normie Eckard

I’m an ordinary farm boy from South Africa, who had the privilege of an able body for 18 years that I’ve used well by excelling in sports and leadership. My character was tested when a motorcar accident left me a paraplegic in 1997. Refusing to give up on life, I’m trying to inspire and motivate people to unlock worlds of limitless adventure and travel and to make a difference by reaching out to people in need and giving glory to Jesus by living a meaningful, inspiring life each day!!

Normie's Story

"I’m an ordinary farm boy who grew up on a small family farm near Brits in the North West province of South Africa. I was a very active child and loved sports and leadership. In primary school I got my provincial colours in athletics and rugby union, playing Craven week for 2 years, captaining the side, as well as being head boy of my school. In high school I captained all my age group rugby sides, played for the provincial bokkie week side for 3 years, 2 years for the National u/19 side and was head boy of the high school as well as the hostel."



"I’m an entrepreneur and I like business, so I started a sport school and adventure centre on our farm, teaching children of all ages the life skills I learned. I earned my National Diploma in Business Management and Marketing and started an international company with a friend of mine, started to coach rugby, my beloved sport and even started playing wheelchair rugby earning my provincial colours in the National Wheelchair Rugby Championships, but always tried to inspire and make a difference in the lives of others."


The Crash

"I never knew how important this fighting spirit in sports and leadership skills were in my life until 1997 when I was paralyzed in a motorcar accident. My whole life changed in a matter of seconds…physically and emotionally everything became a challenge and I really had to rely on my optimistic outlook on life as well as my deep spiritual belief in God to pull me through…"



"It was this drive to make a difference, combined with personal and professional challenges and setbacks that inspired a search for a deeper meaning and purpose in life. I found and build an even bigger true relationship with God who is taking me on this journey of satisfaction by helping, supporting and bettering the lives others wherever I travel…"        

Travel & Fundraising
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